Corner With Love

转角遇到爱 zhuan jiao yu dao ai


  • Show Lo (Qin Lang)
  • Barbie Xu (Xin Lei)
  • Lu Jia Xin (Cai Xiao Yang)
  • Dean Fujioka (An Teng Feng)

Year: 2007

Episodes: 16 (70min) or 23 (45min)

Ratings: 3.59

Opening: “Ai De Yong Qi” 爱的勇气 by Megan Lai

Ending: “Ai Zhuan Jiao” 爱转角 by Show Lo


Xin Lei was born from a wealthy family, and Qin Lang is a guy that came to Shanghai because he wanted to pursue his dream: drawing. These two people will meet each other by accident, when her car and his bike crash into each other. The first meeting wasn’t that great. Their relationship will start when Xin Lei wants to learn how to make oyster pancakes, so Qin Lan will teach him. Later on, her parents’ company goes bankrupt and they are hiding in USA without telling her. Now she’s alone and doesn’t have any money. Her parents only left her a key of a house in Taiwan. During this time, Qin Lan told her that he was going to live in Taiwan with her grandmother. However, when she finally arrives in Taiwan, she finds out that the house was actually Qin Lan’s family’s. After all the disagreements, his grandmother lets her stay. How their relationship is going to change?

by Wimmymui

Libby’s opinion:

95%! OMG Excellent drama! One of my favorite

It is only the beginning of the drama when they were riding that was a little bored. But after when they met each other I was totally in the drama. I couldn’t stop watching it! It was impossible for me not to laugh in every episode: Show’s expression is too funny (with the bicycle). Also, everytime they accidently met each other, they are always arguing and at the end they are going on their opposite way. However, it is not every part that is funny, there was also a sad part when Barbie needs to leave Show. This love story is really touching! The drama is simple: the guy that is poor and the girl who is rich but becomes poor and they felt in love.

Show is really good to act funny characters like in Hi! Working Girl, Hot Shot and Hi! My Sweetheart and Barbie had much success with Meteor Garden I, Meteor Garden II and Mars.

It’s not really a long drama… I’ve seen longer… However, the OST are all so good: there are sad ones and happy ones. Go watch it if you didn’t! It’s worth!

Essbee’s Opinion

98% This is one of the best dramas ever. The story was so touching, the acting was so incredible and the OST was magnificent.

First of all, the plot was really interesting; it made my heart beat soo much! However, what I loved was the characters. Seriously, Xin Lei was such a rich princess and sometimes, you just want to slap her. However, she becomes more and more normal and lovelier. Then, Qin Lang was a handsome, poor boy. He loves to draw and the part where he met his dad was so sad! Everybody likes him since he’s an awesome man, but it seemed, at the beginning, that there was a girl who didn’t like him. Who wouldn’t remember their “Thank you! No Harm Done!”, and they separate themselves…

The other actors were really great, like the grandma or Qin Lang’s friend. I loved all of them… or maybe… almost all of them. Barbie Xu is really an… incredible actress. I first saw her in this drama, but she has played in Meteor Garden and Mars before. I loved her acting, and I’m anticipating her new drama : Summer’s Desire. Also, Show Lo really made a hit here. He was brilliant! That’s where I started to like him…

The music were really good. I loved Show’s “Corner Love” and all the Evan Yo’s songs. Of course, I’ll not forget the famous “greeting song”… Also, I had so much fun watching the bloopers at the end of the drama. I hope you’ll like it as much as we did!

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