Brown Sugar Macchiato

黑糖玛奇朵 Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo



  • Da Ya
  • Guigui
  • Xiao Xun
  • Xiao Jie
  • Ya Tou
  • Xiao Man
  • Apple
  • Tong Tong
  • Mei Mei


  • Ao Quan
  • Wang Zi
  • Xiao Yu
  • Xiao Jie
  • Wei Lian
  • Ah Wei

Year: 2007

Episodes: 13 (70 min)

Ratings: 1.66

Opening: “Hei Tang Xiu 黑糖秀” Lollipop

Ending: “Ai Qing Ma Qi Duo 爱情玛奇朵” Lollipop


Six completely different guys discover that that have the same rich father. He wants his sons to live together for one complete year and stay always together. There are many rules so that the young guys can get the heritage of their dad. There is a girl who works for them and they are going to the same school, in the same class. In their class, she is part of nine mean girls who bully the men students. Little by little, the brothers will become great friends, but how is their relationship going to be with the girls?

Essbee’s Opinion

69% It’s really funny!!! The perfect part is that we cannot NOT laugh.

There are actually too many actors. The six guys come from Lollipop and the nine girls from Hei Se Hui Mei Mei (now Hey! Girl). The favourite couple of most people are Wang Zi + Gui Gui. Describing them all would be too long, but there are very attaching. It’s easy to like them.

The OST is very cute! Two songs are from Lollipop, two from Hei Se Hui Mei Mei and “Ku Cha” from both of them. Their singing wasn’t fantastic at that time, but they just started their singing career. Now, they are better…

Negative side: It was too exaggerating! Some events are IMPOSSIBLE! Also, the end was… abrupt, but it wasn’t deceiving… Also, there were so many characters that, by the time we got the name of all of them, the drama’s already finished.

It’s actually a cool drama.


One thought on “Brown Sugar Macchiato

  1. this is one heck of a funny show:) Though you could see sometimes that they are stiff and needed more workshops or being at ease but you will definitely love this one.

    I remember the time when i watched this i keep deliberating with myself if i would watch this one because i am curious on its synopsis. When i was watching it, i keep saying they are weird and the acting is somewhat poor etc etc but i cant turn off my pc…its odd right? I cant turn it off or go to watch another tv series because i keep on laughing at them and it is very easy to watch and be attached to it. This tv series is something like your buddy and a good stress reliever. Though there are many cast (lollipop + hey girls) your eyes will focus more on guiwang and how fitting there character to them. Actually while watching BSM i really look forward to guiwang interactions, esp ep 11 😀 i also love xiaxun + xiao yu courting stage! The only time i stop drooling with wangzi and gui gui was when i watch xiao yu singing kucha!

    They have a cute OST ^^ though they are not that good because we all know they are just newbies.. kucha and their beginning song gave me a LSS syndrome..i keep humming though i didnt know what their lyrics are..haha.

    Though i am not satisfied with the ending of this drama story wise..i do enjoy how they end it, not a typical one and you could really laugh at how silly they are. Too good being a teen ager ^^

    i will stop my reply (rantings) by saying i do hope there is a BSM 2 😀

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