Autumn’s Concerto

下一站,幸福 / Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu / Next Stop, Happiness


  • Ady An (Liang Mu Cheng)
  • Van Ness Wu (Ren Guang  Xi)
  • Tifanny Xu (He Yi Qian)
  • Chris Wu (Hua Tuo Ye)
  • Xiao Xiao Bin (Xiao Le)

Year: 2009 – 2010

Episodes: 21 (70 min)

Ratings: 5.46 [until now (Jan 31st)]

Opening: “我愛他” (I Love Him) by Della Ding

Ending: “突然想愛你” (Suddenly Want To Love You) by Della Ding & Emil Chau


Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law student,  seems to have the perfect life. He’s the only successor of a huge business and is also a talented hockey player. But in reality, he’s lonely and lacks joy, laughter and motivation, until he meets Liang Mu Cheng, the new lunch seller at his school. She’s an orphan, but she never let her past affect her in any way. Guang Xi makes a bet with his friends to win her heart, and slowly, he starts to change for her. But, that’s only the beginning. Then, tragedy kicks in when suddenly, Guang Xi has to go through a major brain surgery. His mom begs Mu Cheng to give him up, so she has no choice but to do so. She was pregnant with his child, but she didn’t know when she left him.

Six years later, Mu Cheng lives a quiet life with her son in the country side while Guang Xi is a successful lawyer engaged to Yi Qian, the beautiful doctor who took care of him after the surgery that caused him to lose his memory. Due to an incident during one of his cases, Guang Xi is forced to do 120 hours (?) of community service, sending him to the countryside where Mu Cheng lives. Coincidence or fate? Will Guang Xi remember his past romance?


StrawBan’s Opinion:


This is seriously a drama to watch! Van Ness and Ady are like … the most amazing actors ever! I mean, their facial expression are like completely real. I think during the whole drama, I never doubted that it was actual fictional. So realistic! Okay, maybe some stuff are way too coincidental, but HEY, you never know what this world can turn out into.

The plot, at first, was like woaaahh so fast. I think we’ve experienced everything you find in a whole drama inside the first 5 episodes or something. Car crash, memory loss, cancer, accident, love issues: fall in love, mother against their love, making them break up, misunderstandings, misunderstandings, misunderstandings, more misunderstandings… break up scene in the rain… BASICALLY, you name it, it’s there. I actually like fast paced dramas, because it doesn’t drag… but they show started to drag around the middle. When Guang Xi was recovering  from his amnesia, it was really really realllyyy slow and action-less. I guess it got better at the end. I would’ve preferred a more orignal one, because I sort of guessed the whole story by the middle of the drama, but considering the acting skills, it wasn’t too draggy and all.

The song from Della Ding (I Love Him) is thoroughly engraved in my mind … it’s a good thing! Also, I’m completely addicted to the Air on G string. I’ve heard it countless times before, but it’s as if this drama gave it a full new meaning. I learn a lot from dramas, this is actually pretty surprising.

As for actors, the characters were acted out AMAZINGLY. I cannot express how amazing it was. To start off with the supporting characters. Man, Tiffany and Chris are the best and kindest supporting characters ever! For once, we don’t want to dip their head in a pot of 4032184°C  oil. I know some people are blaming Chris for hiding her in his village, but dude, that’s what she requested. AND he thought it would be the best for her. I think I would’ve done the same. And when he tries his best to protect her and his “sister”, aww, so manly xD. Tiffany is also really nice, she loves Van Ness so much and even though she loves him, she’s not possessive and actually lets him choose whoever he wants to be with. And she knows it’s not her who’s gonna be chosen.

Xiao Xiao Bin is … OMG SO CUTE. Missiou missiou~ At first, I really thought it was some variation of “Mission Mission”, like the mission the find his dad, but it was actually “Miss you Miss you”. AWWWWWWW who can watch this without wanting to hug him, HUH? Seriously. I wonder what his parents look like.

Oh, and I like how the mom transformed. Okay, to be honest, I was pretty much doubting her all along, because I wasn’t sure if she was acting so that she can get control over her son, or she was really bonding with the kid. Well, using my drama knowledge, the answer was obvious, but yeah. MAN, SUCH A PRO CAST.

Well, I could ramble for the rest of my life on this, but reading won’t make you understand and feel. GO WATCH IT! I’m sure you won’t regret it. Oh, one thing I don’t like … but it’s the same in all dramas, it’s the fact that ALL LOVERS deny their past (ongoing) love when the other one loses their memory. SO IRRITATING. I know, I understand why they do it, they just want the best for them, but yoo, hiding is NEVER the best choice! Anyways, if you have any opinions you want to point out, comment box is below and feel free to ramble too!

Essbee’s Opinion


I have tried to wait to the end of the airing of Autumn’s Concerto’s, but the preview just totally attracted my attention! When I started it, there were only 9 episodes out, and I watched them all in one night. The first part was REALLY incredible! There were so many things happening! I was crying and laughing at the same time! It sounds crazy, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. However, the second part was much slower and it wasn’t as exciting.

All the actors are good, but there’s a newbie! XIAO XIAO BIN is sooo CUTE! He’s going to be the greatest actor ever! And he’s going to be so rich! He played in three dramas, one after another. Van Ness Wu, the ex-F4, is now totally manly! OMG, his abs! xD. Ady An is really pretty for almost 30 years old woman, but her voice is TOO soft, it gets … weird.

There’s something that surprised me: I thought that the support actress would be trying to get Guangxi, but she didn’t really. Usually, this is the person everybody hates, but she was really sweet. Also, the mom was really hateful. She reminded me from the Meteor Garden Mom, but later on, she starts getting understanding. Also, I really love the support actor. He’s so nice and it’s so touching how he protects EVERYONE! I was so traumatized when the bad guy has “cut” his hand! Of course, in this drama, the person we all hate the most is the “step-step-dad”. He’s so horrible. I just want to kill him! Seriously. Also, I love Guangxi’s secretary. He is hilarious.

We could say that this drama is a long one for a Taiwanese Drama. Also, I guess this is “THE” drama of the 2009-2010 transition, but I also loved Hi My Sweetheart way too much.

The OST is magnificent! Even they are almost all sang by the same singer, the styles are all different. “I Love Him” and “Why Did You Lie” are magnificent! There’s one thing I didn’t like, it’s when the Flower Town people talk in Taiwanese! I have to read the Chinese subtitles and it upsets me. It’s impressing to discover how two dialects from the same “Chinese” language are so different. But, I think that the town people’s names are so weird. Their familiy names all start with a “Hua” (Flower)…  I love how surprising this drama is!

Personally, I think that 21 episodes are too long. Especially on the 11-13 episodes, it was a little boring. However, the end didn’t deceive me. It was a cute ending. That’s really what we call a drama(tic)….:)


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