1% of Anything

1%의 어떤 것 / 1% eh uh ddun gut


  • Kim Jung Hwa (Kim Da Hyun)
  • Kang Dong Won (Lee Jae In)
  • Han Hye Jin (Jung Hyun Jin)
  • Lee Byung Wook (Min Tae Ha)
  • Kim Seung Min (Kim Hyeong Jun)

Year: 2003

Episodes: 26 (45min)


Kim Da Hyun is an honest and caring school teacher with little interest in money. She is extremely warm-hearted and loves to help others. One day, she helps out an elderly man she meets in the bus. It turns out that the same man is the chairman of a huge company. He decides to write in his will that whoever marries her will get his entire fortune. Of course, he tries to make his grandson Lee Jae In marry her, but his extreme bad temper only leads to arguments between the two, but it only brings them together. It looks like they will never get along. Jae In‘s grandfather, however, is betting on the 1%. Will it turn out to be a perfect, or a failed relationship?

KiwiixMelon’s Opinion:


It’s really a cute love story. Of course, if you’ve watched korean dramas (or any dramas, in fact), you would definitely know the storyline right away. It’s the same everywhere – A rich and arrogant guy meets a kind-hearted girl, and they fall in love, and they marry, and bla bla bla. Of course, this drama is no exception. But, the thing I love about this, is that they use another way of telling the same old story. The characters’ approach are also different.

Apart from the main two characters, I absolutely love the relationship with the other supporting characters too! It’s like one of those dramas where everyone becomes one big family. Both their family are really nice too! Da Hyun’s family is totally adorable, and her older brother is so cute! His smile makes my day (you’ll see what I mean if you see him). Also, there’s no one who’s really annoying and totally illogical. Both moms are naggy, especially Tae Ha’s, but I mean, it doesn’t last.

The OST was okay, although it wasn’t anything FABULOUS. It did match the scenes though, it’s just they didn’t make it better. Nothing standing out. The songs are the typical korean drama OST, I guess.

But overall, I would suggest this if you have time. Also, it’s not a drama that gets addicting. It’s just an easy story, and it’s really for past-time. So, don’t worry, you won’t fail on exams if you watch this, although I don’t know what you’d be doing watching dramas before your exams …


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