1 Litre of Tears

1リットルの涙 / 1 Litre no Namida / Ichi Rittoru no Namida / One Litre of Tears / A Diary with Tears


  • Sawajiri Erika (Ikeuchi Aya)
  • Nishikido Ryo (Asou Haruto)
  • Yakushimaru Hiroko (Ikeuchi Shioka – mom)
  • Jinnai Takanori (Ikeuchi Mizuo – dad)
  • Narumi Riko (Ikeuchi Ako – sister)
  • Fujiki Naohito (Mizuno Hiroshi – neurologist)

Year: 2005

Episodes: 11 (45min) + Special : 120 min

Ratings: 3.59

Ending: “Only Humans” by K


A 15 years-old girl named Ikeuchi Aya is a very ordinary girl. Her family works at their own tofu shop, while she’s about to become a high-schooler. However, strange things happens more and more: she often trips on flat floors, and walks strange. Worried, her parents take her to the hospital. There, they learn that Aya has a terrible disease called “spinocerebellar degeneration”. It’s a disease where the cerebellum of the brain slowly deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot speak, talk, walk, write or even eat. Her parents decides not to tell her, but gradually with time, she notices her body’s somewhat strange. How will she take it when she’ll finally learn her destiny?

Based on a true story.


Credits to Kaydoodark

Guest’s Opinion:95%

An amazing and touching drama! This made me cry a river – I’m not even exaggerating! The beginning was funny; she’s always so clumsy and she even knocked down a whole rack of bicycles! But after you know the story (since I didn’t read the synopsis before I started watching), it gets awfully sad. You feel bad for Aya, but at the same time, you feel bad feeling bad for her, since she’s trying so hard to not lose against her destiny.

As she starts having difficulty moving around, many people look at her differently, almost out of pity, and her two best friends are getting tired of carrying her and her stuff around. Also, people have started to complain that she’s an inconvenience, since the school is not adapted to her needs. Many times throughout the story, people have let her down. But the amazing thing is that she has NEVER gave up. Of course, she thought about giving up and just die, but there was always someone to support her, and encourages her to continue.

I totally loved Haruto too! He was such a caring character. He was cold in the beginning, but as they fell in love with each other, he has never given up the idea of being with her and loving her, even if he knew perfectly the devastating fate that was waiting for them.

In the end, her courage got everyone to support her, and admire her. She has inspired so many people! I totally wanted to be a neurologist at the end of the drama, just to be able to find a cure for diseases like this. I cannot believe what the person must have felt.

Actors were absolutely fabulous. Music was touching and very pretty but sad. If I could, I would’ve given it the full mark, but nothing’s perfect in this world. Overall, a definite MUST WATCH.

Essbee’s opinion

90% Even though I really mentally prepared myself to this drama because I knew that it was going to be really sad, but I couldn’t stop crying! After few episodes, I was crying for every single event! When it wasn’t sad, it was really touching.

The actress was so good! I’ amazed by the actors playing sick people. She was ABSOLUTELY great! I could almost believe that she really had this sickness. The other actor I really loved was the doctor. He gave so much support to Aya and he befriended his clients! It was so sad when he really realised that he was going to lose this client too. Of course, the family of Aya, her friends, her boyfriend were all really good too.

Sometimes, the storyline was confusing. When the story was skipping few months and few years, it wasn’t really clear. At the beginning, Aya was 15 years old and at the end, she was 25.

There is a special episode for this drama, which had more flashbacks than new events. Also, there is a movie, but it is not the same actors. The music in this was a sad, but so meaningful!

People! If you watch this, don’t be in a public place; don’t be doing homework/reviewing or anything… It’s a very disturbing story. When we know that it’s inspired from a real-life story, it’s even sadder!


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