Essbee’s review on F4!

The Taiwanese first adapted the story of F4. When I first saw it, it was really great. Then, the Japanese realised the drama in their own language. Few years later, it was the Korean people who had their F4. Finally, only few months later, the Chinese people had the 4th version of this magnificent story. Usually, watchers would be totally bored after seeing the same story in 4 different versions. However, even drama had their own feeling. I think that the Korean people’s version was already very different from the 2 firsts. However, Chinese people almost completely changed the plot. That’s way I didn’t get bored watching all these handsome guys. I’ve heard that Philippines wanted to make their own F4 in 2011. Is that too much? We’ll see…

Also, the F4 guys are so popular that, of course, there were many parodies. There was one the Big Bang’s version I really like. 🙂

Female Protagonist

  • Dong Shancai: She’s the one who has the more character. She’s sometimes discouraging. She’s always battling even though she’s poor. She’s pretty and when she’s crying, we really believe it. She works in a cake shop and we rarely see her boss. She’s the only who has not any siblings. Barbie Xu is a great actress. Even though I didn’t like her the first time I saw her, I appreciate her more and more.
  • Makino Tsukushi: Even though, she looks strong, she’s very weak in her heart. She almost gave up a few times. There was a competition in Hana Yori Dango which she had to win to be with Domyoji, and she really improvised. Also, she’s the only one who doesn’t play piano at all. She’s very cute. She works in a Japanese tea store and her boss always talks about her past love stories. Inoue Mao is cute. I was used to Barbie, but I get used to her, adaptation…
  • Geum Jandi: She the one who looks the oldest. She’s a middle class person, because her family has a dry cleaner shop, unlike the others who were really poor. She’s a swimmer and she was transferred to Shinwha high because she saved a student from a suicide. She works in a pottage shop and her boss is a weirdo who can predict future. Koo Hye Sun looks very mature and she really didn’t look like a High School girl. However I like her a lot and she did a great job.
  • Chu Yuxun: She should be in university, but she looks the youngest among the others, while Jandi and Makino are in high school. Also, she isn’t the SO-STONG woman, she’s only very courageous. She got into Alistun School with her uncle’s help and she adapts very well to the school, except the relationship she has with the three bad guys of the university. However, her nightmare starts when an Australian Born Chinese came to school. She starts liking Duanmu, but he likes Yuxin, so she secretly likes him. Little by little, she fell in love with Yunhai without noticing it. When she finally starts dating Yunhai, his mom caused their separation. At that moment, she was friend with the three other boys. During all that time, she had many little jobs like waitress and she works in Yunhai’s house, but it was asked by Yunhai’s mom… Surprising right? The actress is very pretty and extremely young (she was only 18 years!!!)

F4 Leader

  • Dao Ming Si: He’s the funniest of all four. He doesn’t have curly hair and I think that even though he was supposed to have curly hair, he was better that way. Also, I think he’s the one who had the hardest life. He has been beaten (the most hardly) by the bad guy, he didn’t eat during a whole week because of his mom and he lost his memory for a really long time. He’s the only one who changed his haircut from the pineapple cut to a more “normal” one. He never went working outside of Taiwan. Jerry Yan is really funny and he’s certainly not my favourite actor, but he’s cool. He’s also the leader of F4 or JVKV, a Taiwanese boy band which was very popular few years ago.
  • Domyoji Tsukasa: He’s the most “heartless” and violent from all four. I didn’t really like him, because he sometimes looks really stupid. Even though all three has difficulties talking in their own language’s expression, but with his “Sleep talking is talking when you’re sleeping. Talking when you’re awake is not sleep talking. So if it’s sleep talking, talking when you’re awake is okay too. But if it’s not sleep-talking, it’s talking when you’re awake. Talking when you’re awake, it’s means not sleeping” =.= That is… no comment. At the end of Hana Yori Dango and the beginning of the second, he went to New York and stopped contacting Makino.
  • Goo Jun Pyo: He expresses a lot of his feeling Jandi, a lot faster than the others. Unlike the others, he let the girl know that he really likes her. They saved each other many times from pools. As Domyoji, he stopped talking to Jandi while he was in Macao, but he remembered his love very fast. He was the only one who was afraid of something: bugs and water. However, he saved Jandi from a swimming pool, so he overcame his fear for love. All three had a fiancée, but he’s the only one who was really going to get married. He never had a relationship with Jandi’s brother, while Domyoji helps her brother a few times. His favourite foods were egg rolls and Ramen (and we can clearly see it when went buying some… xD) Lee Min Ho is really a good actor, I love his face. Every expression he makes is so natural and he’s adorable. Apparently he’s a singer now…
  • Murong Yunhai: He was born in Australia and he came back to China because he had an accident because of Car Racing. He looks like a bad guy, but he’s really nice inside. He loves the blue color, but he doesn’t how to swim. He really loves Yuxun, but he doesn’t understand love. Also, he wasn’t beaten to protect his girlfriend, unlike the three others. As Dao Ming Si, he doesn’t have curly hair (here, I have to mention that even though Meteor Shower is very different from the other versions, it has the most resemblance with Taiwan’s Meteor Garden) The actor is really different from his character because he’s really calm.

Cold & Mysterious Friend

  • Hua Ze Lei: The most silent. He fell in love with Shancai little by little, but he only showed his feeling in MG2, when Dao Ming Si forgot about everybody. He had to go away often, but he was always there for her. He never had an official date with Shancai. In MG2, Jing discovers that he really loves Shancai, while in the first season, he only loved Jing. Vic Zhou is so cute! First time I saw him, he was so dark that I totally hated him. Now, I like him a lot and he was the real boyfriend of Barbie during few months…
  • Hanazawa Rui: He’s the only one who “hated” Makino, because she was always bothering him, but he smiled really often and every time other people wouldn’t believe in her, he would encourage her. He was the only one who wasn’t rejected by Domyoji, but he never fight for getting Makino.
  • Yun Jihu: All three play violin, but he plays many instruments as harmonica and guitar and he would even be an orchestra director. We don’t know this character’s personal story in the TW and J version, but now we know it and it’s very sad. We also discover that he’s afraid of car because of an accident, but he can drive normal car and motorcycle. For Jandi, he even car raced. Once, he let Jun Pyo to beat him so that he understands his feelings. He’s always there for Jandi and he saved her from the sea once. He’s to most normal of the three because he acts more naturally. Kim Hyun Joong is the leader of SS501, a popular boy band in Korea. I like his singing and acting! He’s more handsome in the 2nd part of the drama with shorter hair…
  • Duanmu Lei: One thing that’s… evident in the first minutes of the show. He’s not… THE handsome guy in the story. I think that it’s only because of his haircut since he looks good in certain pictures. I think that his character is too weak and I didn’t really like him. What I found interesting in this drama is that we know a little about his family. It’s always interesting to learn the background of the characters.

Womanizer Friend

  • Ximen: I can’t really see the womanizer side of his life… We discover in MG2 that he’s afraid to be like his father in the future, but he’ll be a really good worker in his dad’s company. He started wanting getting serious with girls after Xiaoyou left. In MG2, the scene with the chainsaw was really funny (watch it to understand…)
  • Soujiroh Nishikado: We don’t know a lot of things about him. Only that he helped Yuuki get rid of her ex-boyfriend and he once loved a girl, but she never did. Also, nobody can go on his motorcycle… We don’t know if he likes Yuuki.
  • So Yijeong: He’s smile is so disarming that he’s really a womanizer in this story. He’s a potter and hates his dad. He looks like a cold man, but he’s only searching for his own love. The only girl she really loved is going out with his brother. That girl is Gaeul’s teacher. He plays saxophone in clubs and he also helped Gaeul with the ex-boyfriend’s case. After he meets Gaeul, he starts liking her and then loving her. Kim Bum is so cute and he’s only 19 years old! He already played in a few dramas, but with minor roles. Also he sang one song, but he’s really talented. It was very funny when he played saxophone, it was really awful because he’s not a musician. Haha!
  • Shangguan Ruiqian: The only thing I can tell is that he’s not that playboy. He only likes to flirt a little. When can clearly see that his character wasn’t experimented with girls since he didn’t know how to take care of Xiao Yu. He’s the funny face in the drama, always the one doing stupidities… He’s really cool with his red clothes and big glasses. I really like him because the atmosphere is always happier when he’s around.

Loyal Friend

  • Meizuo Ling: We don’t know a lot about him. In MG2, he must go out with a girl, Xiaoqiao, because of his mom, and he’ll start loving her.
  • Akira Mimasaka: He likes older women because of his mom dresses her and his sisters like princesses. He lives in a girl house and he’s been a little traumatized.
  • Song Woobin: He’s the oldest from F4 and he’s always there for the others. In the special, his girlfriend quits him because he’s too nice…?!?! Kim Joon has a too minor role. Compare to the others, he’s like a unimportant character.
  • Yeshuo: Finally, this character gets some attention. So now, we know that he’s got some problems in his family. He’s in a serious fight with his older brother. We’ll discover all the context of it. Then, he also is very interested by the older sister of Yunhai. This part was really cute too! Even though he looked the youngest, he was supposed to be the oldest of F4. In the drama, he’s a informatics genius. It’s so funny when he explained that everyone was training and working hard for the drama, he was training at playing video games. Then, his teacher would ask him if he was tired (to play videos games!?!?)… XD

Best Friend

  • Xiaoyou: She’s the childhood friend from Shancai. She works with Shancai with SC at the cake shop. Because of her ex-boyfriend, she’ll fall in love with Ximen, but sadly, nothing would happen between them… She’ll move to Canada and she’ll be back in Meteor Rain. Rainie wasn’t really known at that time. She was singing with 4 In Love, but they weren’t popular. Now, she has so many fans for her singing and her dramas which are lovely!
  • Yuuki: She’s also the best friend of Makino and works with her. She’ll fall in love with Soujiroh, but he’ll keep distance. They’ll only be friends.
  • Gaeul: She’s also the best friend of Jandi and works with her in the pottage restaurant. She’ll like Yijeong the moment she sees him, but she’ll try to keep distance because she knows his Casanova reputation. However she’ll soon fell in love with him and she wants to help the relation between Yijeong and her pottery teacher. Yijeong likes her a lot because he doesn’t want to mess with good girls. Actually he was afraid of breaking her heart. Since Boys Over Flowers, everybody wants Kim So Eun to play another drama with Kim Bum because they are so cute together. She’s really pretty and it’s sad she didn’t play in the special.
  • Xiao Yu: She’s the best friend of Yuxun, and she’s ALWAYS there for her. At the first sigh, she fell in love with Shangguan Ruiqian. She’s the one who changed him from a playboy to a more mature guy. She’s actually really pretty, but she has such BIG eyes!!!


  • Dao Ming Zhuang: She’s very strong. In the plane, she kicked DMS twice and he didn’t even complain (just a little bit)! She argues a lot for DMS and SC being together. We don’t see her in the 2nd season.
  • She’s more… WOW! She arrives and chases Domyoji with her car. She helps a lot Makino, more than Domyoji. She’s often at home and she invites Makino in her house.
  • She’s the prettiest. She attacked Jun Pyo with the Kung Fu stick. She’s the one who got the idea of the competitions. She pressures her mom to accept Jandi and she’ll succeed.
  • Murong Yunduo: She has a lot of common sense. She likes Yuxun and helps her a lot. She loved someone she “shouldn’t” and she was forbidden to date him. Then, we already discover that she knows the feeling of her younger brother. Then, Yeshuo would often help her and little by little, both will love each other. She often help her brother about love, but I think she should think more about herself.


  • Dao Ming Feng: She’s the most selfish, because all she wants is money. Even the marriage between DMS and the princess was for economic issues. Also, she let SC under the rain all night.
  • She’s the ugliest and Domyoji always call her witch. She’s very selfish also, but she accepted Makino in the movie. She has dismissed her personal assistant because he helped Domyoji being with Makino.
  • She’s also selfish! She almost killed her husband for money. However, she’s the only one who becomes nice at the end. It’s the only version where we see the dad of Jun Pyo.
  • In this version, we can clearly observe that she really wants to protect her kids. However, I guess it’s just the wrong way. Even though she forbidden her daughter to date a “poor guy”, she accepted since she noticed that Yunduo was really in love. Also, she has “accepted” Yuxun to be together with her son. I guess that she’s more bearable since her husband is VERY nice! I think this is the best thing they could have done in this drama, let the father appear and convince the mother! He’s such a nice man and he totally supports Yuxun to be together with Yunhai. I LOVE HIM!


  • SC’s parents are really stupid. They always borrow money from other people and they don’t force themselves to work. Her mom is annoying and her dad is really hopeless. He even stole a car!
  • Makino has a brother which always supports her. When he’ll fell in love, Domyoji will give him few advices. Her parents are also irresponsible, but they try harder.
  • Jandi’s family owns a dry cleaner shop. She also has a cute brother who is really mature despite his age. She has the funniest family.
  • Yuxun’s mother owns a bubble tea shop and his uncle is an owner of a plant shop. They aren’t poor, but compared to the rich students of Alistun, they really are. Her uncle really loved money and he almost force her to marry a rich boy. I think he’s so funny with the dorm guard.


  • TW OST: There are only two songs per season. It’s really deceiving, but they are nice. In the second season, F4 band was formed, so they sang the opening and the ending. They became so popular that they sang a lot of songs together.
  • J OST: There are also two songs per season. The songs are nice. Wish and Love so sweet by Arashi, Planetarium by Ai Otsuka and Flavor of Life by Utada Hikaru.
  • K OST: In total, there are about 36 songs, including the music dramas. SS501, in which Kim Hyun Joong is in, sang few songs. F4 sang their songs. Lee Min Ho with My Everything, Kim Hyun Joong with A Thing CalledHappiness, Kim Bum with I’m going to Meet You and Kim Joon with Emptying. T-Max participated in this soundtrack, but there are so many and they are all so beautiful that it would really be too long to talk about it.
  • C OST: I love the OST. H4 (yea.. if I haven’t mentioned, they aren’t Flower 4, but Hua 4) sang two songs, and every important character had his own song. Every song is personalized and they are all really good!

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