Hi My Sweetheart

海派甜心 / Hai Pai Tian Xin


  • Rainie Yang as Chen Bao Zhu
  • Show Lo as Xue Hai/Lin Da Lang
  • Maggie Wu as Mo Li
  • Lee Wei as He Yan Feng

Year: 2009-2010

Episodes: (Average of 14 episodes of 76 min)

1-9 : 70 min
10-12 : 1h35
13 : 1h50
14 : 35 min

Ratings: 3.29

Opening: “Head Over Heels” 爱疯头 by Show Lo

Ending: “Rainie and Love” 雨爱  by Rainie Yang


Xue Hai was a certifiable dork when he first arrived in Hangzhou. He was very rich, so he got a fake name, Lin Da Lang and disguised himself as a poor guy. Because of that, he often got bullied. However, his schoolmate Bao Zhu saved him from the bad people. Then, she became his first love. Sadly, a misunderstanding caused them to lose contact. He thought she dumped him, so he transformed himself from a dork to a hunk to seek revenge.

Essbee’s Opinion:

92% This is THE drama I was waiting for since it has been announced. I (and the fans of Show Lo and Rainie Yang… and others…) am SO lucky that it started airing in November 2009. If it wasn’t it wouldn’t have started because Febuary 2010. Also, as everyone, when I saw the promotional pictures, I was traumatised! By Show Lo the dork and Rainie the bad girl.

Show, the handsome singer-dancer, sacrificed this reputation to disguise himself as a dork. His acting was more than perfect. Sometimes, I really forget that he’s actually my idol. The character of Dalang is so innocent and adorable that EVERYBODY loved him! Then, he became the handsome and rich Xuehai, and I still adore him. As always, he cries so well. I just feel so bad when he tears…

Rainie’s character changed again, from the cute little girl to a rash one. She’s scarier and more violent. However, in the 3 years after, she’s just sooo pretty! Then, Xuezhang is just the nicest guy ever, but he is waaay too over-protecting, even more than a parent. It’s kinda sad for him since he loved Baozhu for more than 10 years.

Usually, I don’t like the “3 years later” things, but I guess that it was really necessary to make the change from Dalang to  Xue Hai credible. The plot is really good, and I guess that I just love this director. He has made other great dramas, such as Devil Beside You, Corner With Love, Why Why Love, Hot Shot, Love Or Bread and plenty others. Also, Hi My Sweetheart was airing at the same time as Autumn’s Concerto (the drama with the rating broke 7). However, even though it’s hard for HMS to get better than AsC, it has greatly influenced the ratings. I’d like to mention that the first episodes weren’t THAT good. However, after episode 4, the story is getting interesting. More and more, the Sundays seem far away after the preview we see.

I also wanted to mention something about the ratings. They are pretty low. That’s because they are competing with Autumn’s Concerto which the ratings’ average is around 6-7 now. Actually, 3 is not that low, it’s pretty good. Because of HMS, the ratings of AsC couldn’t get higher than 8. When HMS ended, it suddenly jumped to 8.23. The highest rating of HMS was 5. 14, which is really good. Also, that’s so sad for Momo Love. Since there were two great dramas, ML had been a little “forgotten”. Its average ratings is 1, but the ratings went from 1.95 to 0.69.

As of the music, I am more than satisfied. There were three songs from Show Lo and three from Rainie Yang. The best is that they have made a duet called “In Your Eyes”. When there are seven songs coming from the leading actors and that they are all really catchy, I can’t say ANYTHING negative. Oh actually… maybe it was too short 😀


3 thoughts on “Hi My Sweetheart

  1. Best drama of 2009-2010.. I love Show and Rainie together .. Hi, my sweetheart is so funny and every episodes is exciting, you’ll never be bored, you’ll forget your problems coz of this drama.. I’m hoping for another drama of Rainie and show again..

  2. ~Hellow~ do you know something like this concept, but it is the female lead who disguise/pretend to be commoner? please let me know (nothing heavy drama or tragic) of course, with a good happy ending ;)) ThanksMuch~!

    • I actually don’t. It is very rare that the girl is rich in the first place… And drama plots tend to be: Rich, obnoxious guy with a poor girl or something along those lines… But if ever you come across one, please let me know! 😀

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