Bull Fighting

斗牛要不要 / Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao


  • Hebe Tian as Yi Sheng Xue
  • Mike He as Shen Ruo He
  • Lee Wei as Sun Zi Cong

Year: 2007- 2008

Episodes: 17 (75 min)

Ratings: 2.12

Opening: “Bull Fighting” 斗牛要不要 by Tank

Ending: “How Are You Lately” 最近还好吗 by S.H.E

Bull Fighting OST


Every year, two schools are battling on basketball for the 13th territory. Three against three, the winning team can own this “13th avenue”. During 9 years, Dong Shang School occupied this area. The leader of this trio is Ruohe and he’s confident about winning again.

Shengxue grew up in a rich family and has a strong character. She wants absolutely that Dong Shang School wins for this 10th year. However, because of her, this team would lose even though she doesn’t know about it. She wants to revenge on Ruohe and she’ll transfer to the same school as him. Will she be able to bring back this territory to Dong Shang School?

Essbee’s Opinion:

67% Even though I thought it was going to be great…. it wasn’t so much… I wanted to watch it because of a lovely singer, Hebe, and a handsome guy, Mike He.

First, the actors were really… WOW: Hebe, from S.H.E, is a cute and pretty girl who plays as protagonist with the handsome Mike He. They were THE couple people were waiting for. The mix was well done and very often, we just feel awww~~

The support actors were also very funny and they gave some entertainment when things were progressing slowly.

However, the story was more and less interesting. There were many long parts… The development between the characters’ feeling was really slow. Also, the characters were sometimes really annoying. The story isn’t very realistic and there were too many exaggerations. The support actor, Lee Wei is very …hard to say… He was the nice guy in the story and is really cute, but for some reason, I didn’t really appreciate him.

The OST is definitely the best I’ve ever heard. The ending is really beautiful. Hebe, who already sings with the popular S.H.E, did a solo track for Bull Fighting, “Too Late”. With Tank, S.H.E, Yoga Lin and many others, the songs were perfect! Every song was super adorable!!!

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this drama for its story, but for the actors and the music…


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