Why Why Love

换换爱 / Huan Huan Ai


  • Rainie Yang as Tong Jiadi
  • Mike He as Huoda
  • KingOne Wang as Huoyan
  • Michelle Chen as Liang Xiaonan

Year: 2007

Episodes: 9 (70 min) + 6 (90 min)

Opening: “The World I Want” 我要的世界 by KingOne Wang

Ending: “Oxygen Deprived” 缺氧 by Rainie Yang

  • “Exchange Love” 换换爱 by KingOne Wang
  • Welcome to my heart by KingOne Wang
  • “Wan Mei Bi Li” 完美比例 by Rainie Yang


Tong Jiadi (Rainie Yang) lives in a poor family. She needs to work a lot and has no time for love. One day, she was working with her best friend Xiao Nan (Michelle Chen) and they met the two brothers from a rich company. Huoyan (KingOne Wang), the good son, is the eldest and the perfect CEO. Huoda (Mike He), on the other side, is the youngest. He doesn’t care about school and his family’s company. He fools around every day and always race motorcycle. He hates his older brother, but Huoyan likes Huoda. Xiao Nan encourages Jiadi to date with the older brother, but they didn’t know what fate planned for the relationship between her and the brothers.

Essbee’s Opinion

87% Even with the same principal actors, Why Why Love is completely different with Devil Beside You.

Why Why Love is a great story where they talked about family business and friendship. A lot people thought it was going to be the sequel of Devil Beside You because of the principal casting, but it is not.

So here, Rainie has a completely different character. She’s a lot stronger and isn’t intimidated by Mike. However, sometimes, her tough character became annoying since we all know that it’s so difficult for her. Mike is still a bad boy, but he’s very different from DBY. He’s a little bit more mature. But now I’m thinking about it, Huoda and Ahmon (from DBY) are both careless about their life.

As for KingOne, he has a more important role in this drama. In DBY, his role was almost overlooked. Now, he’s much more important. The part where he finds his mother is really, really sad! Also, he loved so much his little brother even if they aren’t actually from the same family. [SPOILER]It’s so sad that he sacrificed himself from Huoda and Jiadi![SPOILER] Why Why Love is the first drama of Michelle Chen. She’s a very cute actress, I really like her.

The story is also interesting and we always want to know what was going to happen afterwards. However, the last episodes are really sad Even though the end was unclear, I got to understand. It wasn’t a perfect ending, but I guess it’s better than if… [SPOILER]Huoda dies[SPOILER] Also, it was the first time I saw the big wheel from the commercial center. Since then, I could see it in almost every Taiwanese drama.

The OST is also very good. Rainie sang two songs and KingOne three.

It isn’t the best drama ever, but it’s a nice one and we appreciate it, especially if we like the couple Mike-Rainie.


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