My Lucky Star

放羊的星星 / Fang Yang De Xing Xing


  • Yoo Ha Na as Xia Zhi Xing
  • Jimmy Lin as Zhong Tian Qi
  • Hong Xiao Ling as Ou Ya Ruo
  • Leon Jay Williams as Zhong Tian Jun

Year: 2007

Episodes: 20 (70 min)

Opening: “Ji Su Ai Qing” 极速爱情 by Shivia Lee

Ending: “Dui Wang” 对望 by Jimmy Lin


Zhong Tian Qi is the youngest son of a big jewellery company, E. Shine. He’s the bad boy who doesn’t care about family. He lives in France where he’s a known car racer. He comes back to Taiwan when it’s the engagement ceremony of his older brother, Tianjun with his ex-girlfriend, Yaruo. Tianjun is the mature son and he’s going to be in charge of E. Shine soon. Tianqi doesn’t like this, so he stole their mom’s heritage, the necklace “Queen Mary”. At the same time, Ah Xing (Xia Zhi Xing) just got out of prison after staying there one year for the love of his boyfriend. They both were escaping when they met each other and they had to escape together.

Essbee’s Review

99% I really LOVED it! I heard from many people who it was great, so I decide to watch it. Every single episode kept me glued to the computer!

The actors are really fantastic! First there is Jimmy Lin. He looks like a 20 years old guy, but he’s actually 36 years old!!! He’s a real car racer in Taiwan and we often see him car racing in My Lucky Star. Also, he’s really cute when he’s perplexed. Then, Yoo Ha Na is a Korean actress who started her career in this drama. She didn’t speak one single word in Chinese at the beginning so her voice was dubbed, but she learnt Chinese really fast and could talk with Jimmy. I don’t like voice being dubbed, but this story was so good that I didn’t even notice that it was. Also, let’s admit that she’s really pretty.

As the secondary actors, there is Leon Jay Williams who had a funny accent when talking in Chinese. He played the older brother even if he is actually younger. Well, it’s not hard to look older than Jimmy. Then, the fiancée is played by Hong Xiao Ling, which is also a great actress. I’ve hated her so much that I actually forgot that she’s only a character.

The OST is really great! My favourite song is “Our Memories” from Shivia Lee. I listened to that song at least 200 times… The other songs are also really good, but personally, they can’t be compared to “Our Memories”

I liked the story from the beginning to the end. There’s something that I’ll remember forever about this drama: the bracelet. Love~~ In conclusion, everything is perfect in My Lucky Star!!!


3 thoughts on “My Lucky Star

  1. This drama had been aired already in TV but I didn’t dare to watch it because I was thinking it was the same with other dramas i’ve watched before. But one of my friends lent this cd and told me it was a great drama to watch and so I did..It was aired 2007 but i just watched it this year 2011 and yes, I must admit it was a very great drama and i was very glued in my portable player from beginning to the end. I finished it in a day! That’s how much I love this drama and i never really thought Jimmy Lin is already 37 years old! I already fell in love with Jimmy Lin right away that I made a research about him. He’s too good to be true.I’m looking forward on his next drama series ” Rainbow SweatHeart (remake of korean drama My Girl). Good luck in your future dramas. I love your eyes the most and your innocent smile.. 🙂 Chayo! Saranghae!

    • Actually, I’m watching Rainbow Sweetheart now. It’s a pretty good remake of ‘My Girl‘ and this drama definitely reminded of the ‘My Lucky Star’ days. I will post the article for that drama as soon as I finish it, hope you’ll read it 🙂 Thank you for leaving a comment.

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