Miss No Good

不良笑花 / Bu Liang Xiao Hua


  • Rainie Yang as Jiang Xiaohua
  • Wilber Pan as Tang Men
  • Michelle Chen as Jiang Mi
  • Dean Fujitoka as Jia Si Le

Year: 2008

Episodes: 14 (70 min)

Opening: “Take me away” 带我走 by Rainie Yang

Ending: “Summer Craziness” 夏日风 by Wilber Pan


Xiaohua, an out fashioned girl meets her childhood friend, Jia Si Le, now handsome as a prince. She asked the famous stylist, Tang Men, she met in a cab to help her get prettier. Of course, he hates her, but he’d never have imagined that her innocent character could affect him.

Essbee’s Opinion:

87% The voice of Rainie is O.M.G! Actually, I wasn’t annoyed by her voice at the end of the drama, that’s probably human adaptation. However, at first, I was just totally traumatized by her… everything about her. The pretty, cute Rainie was transformed!!! AHHHH!!! Seriously, her haircut is just so … special (yeah~~). Also, her clothing was weird, but that was NOTHING compared to her ***voice… However, we really get used to her… well, it’s actually because her got her own haircut later on. But at the end… [niark… I won’t tell]. And I love the way she says “Tang Muen”… lovely~

Wilber is actually a really good actor even though he hasn’t played in many dramas/movies before. However, he had so many NGs that we discover his “acting talents”? xD

As for the supporting character, there was Dean Fujitoka, a more-or-less popular Japanese actor… acting very often in Taiwanese dramas. He’s the super nice guy, but he was way too nice! Michelle Chen has already played in Why Why Love (with Rainie!) and I really loved her at that time. In this drama, well… I didn’t appreciate her as much since she was the love rival of Xiaohua, but seriously, she’s a great actress!

The story is quite interesting, but too predictable. However, there was a weird complicated family problem from the episode 10 and it was bizarre. In general, it was funny, but in the last episodes, there was some… dramatic events happening… And It

There were only 4 songs in the OST, but they were all good. I really loved Rainie’s “Take me away” and Wilber’s “Summer Craziness”. So I liked this drama a lot, hope you’ll like it too!


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