Hot Shot

篮球火 / Lan Qiu Huo


  • Show Lo as Yuan Da Ying
  • Jerry Yan as Dong Fang Xiang
  • Tracy Zhou as Jie’Er
  • Coco Jiang as W
  • Wu Zun as Wu Ji Zun

Year: 2008

Episodes: 16 (70 minutes)

Opening: “Hot Shot” 个中强手 by Show Lo

Ending: “Half” 一半 by Jerry Yan


Yuan Da Ying is a guy who loves to play basketball, but his grandma never let him play. Dong Fang Xiang is a much known basketball player and he is forced by his grandpa to play. When they both got to the same school, they’ll form a new basketball team with three other members and become the strongest team in the league. This team, led by W, a NBA coach and supported by Jie Er, a good friend, went through many victories. However, they’ll meet new kinds of adversaries such as Can or Wu Ji Zun.

Essbee’s Opinion:

94% Tremendous Drama

I’m not interested in basketball at all, but this drama made me totally love this sport. On every two or three episodes, there is a match and even though it’s fake, I really love it. First of all, the camera effects are incredible. Also, the super jumps and flying gives the story a more interesting image. Also, the actors are really handsome when they play basketball.

The character of Show is funnier. His acting is really excellent; he can make us laugh so easily, when he’s sad, he could make up cry and he’s so serious when he’s playing. On the other side, Jerry plays a serious character. He’s often expressionless and he rarely laughs. Even though Chun is supposed to be an important character, he… isn’t. Also, we don’t really get what is the real meaning of his character.

The storyline is well written and well represented. It’s not only a romance plot. However, we can easily guess that it’s a Taiwanese drama, since the acting is so exaggerated.

The music is awesome. The opening and another soundtrack were sung by Show Lo. They are both magnificent. Jerry Yang sang the ending song. In my opinion, the best songs are “Superman” and “Jue Dui Wu Di” from NESE. Every time I hear them, it just reminds me of the drama.

Hot Shot is magnificent. People don’t need to like basketball to like this drama. Also, if you are a fan of Show Lo or Jerry Yan, you will NOT be deceived.


2 thoughts on “Hot Shot

  1. I would so watch this! This seems just like my basketball team in a way. We only had 5 players and had to work so hard. Everyone wanted to stop us and it was difficult for us to stay in the game for more than a quarter and not tire out. But in the end the FIVE of us made it to the regions. We didn’t win, placing fourth seat, but in the history of my school we went farther than any team ever at that school. Even the boys, and it was alot of them. They had all the support and we hardly got any, but in the end we girls were the lasts ones standing. Love my team.

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