You’re Beautiful

미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo


  • Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu
  • Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
  • Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo
  • Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy/Kang On Yu
  • UEE as Yoo He Yi

Year: 2009

Episodes: 16 (60 min)

Songs : Promise” A.N. JELL / Lee Hong Ki

“Still As Ever” A.N. JELL / Lee Hong Ki

“Without A Word” 9TH STREET / Park Shin Hye / Jang Geun Suk


The famous A.N.Jell band is in search of a new member. Go Mi Nam, a very talented guy was chosen. However, Mi Nam suffers an injury at the last moment, so Mi Nyu, his twin sister who was about to become a nun, is asked to step in for her brother. She had to stay in the group for a month. Even though it seems short, she experienced many new things. She met valuable friends, Hwang Tae Kyung, Shin Woo and Jeremy. She discovered love.

Essbee’s Review:

89% This drama wasn’t even in my drama list. However, I realized that it was so popular everywhere, so I decided to start it. I wasn’t discouraged. It was really good.

The actress Park Shin Hye is portraying a girl disguised as a guy. After watching Hana Kimi and Coffee Prince, I think that she had her own ways. She had to be part of the group as her brother, Go Minam. I think that it was so obvious that she was a girl. Maybe it was because of that that almost everyone knew she’s a girl. Then, Jang Geun Suk is the male protagonist. Actually, I didn’t really love the lead actor at first, but seriously, we get addicted to his adorable expressions so fast! After few episodes of viewing, I love him so much! He is the leader of group A.N.Jell in the drama. (By the way, I would have loved A.N.Jell if they really existed!) I like his voice when he’s singing and he sang 2 songs in the OST.

Then, the guitarist in the group, Shinwoo, is really adorable. However, I loved so much the main couple that I didn’t want him to be in the way. I was kind of sad for him since he loved Minam so much. At first, I didn’t really realise it, but he looks like SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong. Finally, the cutest guy in this story is Lee Hong Ki! He’s the drummer of the group and he’s blond! His haircut is really special; it’s actually a bowl-cut, but with a modernized style.

The other characters, as Manager Ma, President Ah, the stylist, the creepy journalist, had all important roles. In fact, there is someone I have to mention. Yoo He Yi. This is the kind of girl you just hate. She’s such a horrible liar and a terrible person. [SPOILER]There was a scene I loved. When the three guys from A.N.Jell was forced to make food for her, they have put an immense quantity of salt, sugar and vinegar. When we see it, we really understand the meaning of ROFL. XD[SPOILER]

This drama was really funny! Also, there were many parodies. Even though I don’t know so much about Korean popular videos, but I have a least recognized Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” and SNSD’s “Genie”.

Also, I have to mention something about “You’re Beautiful’s” OST. Actually, there are 20 songs in it, but most of them are the same songs, just sang by other singers. My favourite songs are “Without a Word” from 9th Street, Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk and “What Should I do?” from Park Da Ye and Jang Geun Suk. Finally, I love the two songs sung by A.N.Jell (“Still as Before” and”Promise”). We saw few lives in the drama, but there something that really melt my heart. A.N.Jell performed “Still as Before” on the SBS award to remind all the fans about the drama.

So in short, have fun watching it!


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