To Get Her

爱就宅一起 / Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi


  • Rainie Yang as Momo
  • Jiro Wang as Mars
  • George Hu as Jiasen
  • Linda Liao as Chuchu

Year: 2008

Episodes: 12 (70 min)

Opening: “Yue Lai Yue Ai” 越来越爱 by Fahrenheit

Ending: “Mo Mo” 默默 by Fahrenheit


Mars (Jiro Wang) was a superstar who everybody loved. After getting negative publicity and because of one of his “co-worker”, he had to move out from his big, nice house to an apartment to share with Momo (Rainie Yang). She’s a very silent girl who lives in her own world with her prince. Her only friend is Jiasen (George Hu), a swimmer, but has a low IQ. Now, Momo and Mars lives together and go to the same class. How would their relationship develop?

Essbee’s Review

72% It’s surely not my favourite drama, but I like it a lot.

Mars is very funny and cute. Momo is totally… in her world with her prince. Jiasen is so adorable with his lollipops! The characters are really good. Their acting is also really great. The story is sometime a little long, but it’s really original. Mars makes me think a little about Wudi in Woody Sambo, the arrogant idol who has everything… and then loses everything… Momo’s sister, Chuchu is so girly. They aren’t poor, even though their parents died, but Chuchu always spend all the money they have. She makes me think, a little, about the mom of Shancai from Meteor Garden. She relies on the others to live.

Jiro Wang is really different without his blond spiky hair, but he looks more mature and professional. He still sometimes reminds me of Xiuyi from Hana Kimi, but he’s much more serious. Rainie is totally another person for me. I saw her in the cute Qiyue in Devil beside You, the strong Jiadi from Why Why Love and the crazy Xiaohua from Miss No Good, but it’s the first time she plays this kind of character.

George Hu really looks like Wu Zun. I’m really wondering if they are relatives. When he was swimming, I thought it was him… Also, I found really funny when he recited the play in English. He was supposed to be stupid, but he remembered it all and has no accent in English…?!?

I have to mention something! There are certain scenes which were filmed at the studio of 100% entertainment hosted by Show Lo and Xiao Gui… (I love their show).

The Music is good. Fahrenheit, Jade Liu and Tank were part of the OST and I like it a lot. The song were entertaining and I really like where Jiro sang and danced Fahrenheit’s song.

The story is cuter than everything. Every time something happens, I’m like “awwww”. There aren’t any dramatic situations, and neither very romantic thing… Also, for once, it isn’t a love story between a poor and rich or anything like that.


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