Shining Inheritance

찬란한 유산 / Chanranhan Yusan / Brilliant Legacy


  • Han Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung
  • Lee Seung Gi as Sun Woo Hwan
  • Moon Chae Won as Yoo Seung Mi
  • Bae Soo Bin as Park Jun Se

Year: 2009

Episodes: 28 (60 minutes)

Ratings: Worldwide: 31.9%; Seoul: 32.1%


  • “Only You” Kang Ha Ni
  • “Crazy In Love” Ji Sun
  • “Love Is Punishment” K. Will
  • “The Person” Yi Soo
  • “Spring Rain” Hi Hye


Even though Eun Sung is the daughter of a rich man, she doesn’t love money. After her father died, her stepmother took all her goods and she kicked her out from their house. One day, Eun Sung’s brother, Eun Woo, disappeared and she feels desperate. However, she still works hard to get some money and searches for her brother.

One day, she helped an old woman, who was actually the CEO of a food company, because she suffered of amnesia. When she recovers, she takes Eun Sung to her house. However, this lady was the grandmother of Hwan, the man who she switched bags with at the airport.

One day, Eun Sung meets an old woman who has amnesia and she has nowhere to go, so she kept her in her house. She would never have thought that she was the grandmother Hwan who took her bag and caused her to lost her brother.

At the same time, the evil mother, Sung Hee, always tries to make profit from her and lies to everybody. Eun Sung’s step-sister, Seung Mi, who was a nice girl stepped into the lies and she became really bad.

How will things turn out when we discover that Eun Sung’s father didn’t really die?

Essbee’s Opinion:

97% It’s a drama which is very interesting even though the romance progresses very slowly. Every character represents an important ideal of this story: Love, money, jealousy, hate, treason…

Eun Sung is such a LOVELY character. She’s always nice to everybody. She’s living a such had life and even we are thinking how things are difficult for her, but she still resists and tries to do things better. Furthermore, this actress is so good. When she cries, it is sooo REAL that we really feel bad. Also, her brother, Eun Woo is autist, but the actor is totally good! Until the very end, we don’t suspect that he’s a normal guy in the reality. He’s also a so cool pianist!

Hwan is the bad guy at the beginning, seriously BAD! However, we just can guess that he’ll become good. That took a lot longer compared to what I thought. He started to have feeling to Eun Sung at about only the half of the drama. He didn’t understand anything about life, but with Eun Sung’s help, he understands it. At the end, he’s adorable every people who hated him started liking him.

Hwan’s family is very rich, so Jung, his sister and the mother NEVER worked. When they had to start working, it was… kind of funny. The butler is really someone! He’s a home keeper and a detective. When he works with the mother, it is sooo funny! The Halmoni is the SMARTEST person in the ENTIRE world! WE ALL LOVE HER! (okay… yea)

The most frightening people were the step mother and the step sister. The mother can invent anything to get what she wants. After a few episodes, when we don’t even want to see her again. Little by little, the sister has become so jealous that she started to lie to get what she wants. It’s really sad to see her from really kind to really bad. Also, one of the “supposed” friends of Eun Sung always talks behind her back to Sung Mi. We sometime hate them so much that we forget that they are only actors…

The most adorable characters and Eun Sung’s best friends: Hye Ri and Jun Se. Hye Ri is the best friend of Eun Sung and she is always there to help her even though she doesn’t have a lot of money. Jun Se is a friend of Hwan and Eun Sung’s ex-boyfriend. At the moment he met her, he was friendly and wanted to help her. He’s very gentleman and was always there for Eun Sung. He always supports her on the most difficult moments.

The music is very nice, every song represents well the different situations and different characters. Even the instrumentals are all good! Sometimes, they are really creepy and other time, it makes us sad. The song of Eun Woo: “Thinking of Noona” is really awesome! From the beginning to the end, this is often present. What

I really love about this OST is that it tells us a story. When we hear the song “Last Lie”, when can feel the stepmother planning something bad and it’s pretty creepy.

After watching this drama, I understood something that two of very clever people have said: “Money is scary!” Even though many things must have been exaggerate, but I think it really represents some parts of the world we are living in.


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