Full House

풀하우스 / Pool Ha-woo-seu


  • Rain (Lee Young Jae)
  • Song Hye Ko (Han Ji Eun)
  • Han Eun Jung (Kang Hye Won)
  • Kim Sung Soo (Yoo Min Hyuk)

Year: 2004

Episodes: 16 (60 minutes)


Han Ji Eun is a naive writer whose house and possessions have been sold by her best friends. Stuck in China, she borrows money from a popular actor Lee Young Jae to return to Korea. When she returns, she finds out that her sold house has been bought by the same actor. In order to regain her house, she signs a one-year contract with him. Although she had lost everything, she remains cheerful. Through their business relationship, the two became more and more personal and starts to rely and care for each other.

Drama based on a manhwa “Full House”

StrawBan’s Review:

90% First Korean Drama

It’s not for nothing that this is a worldwide renowned drama. The story is quite simple, and very realistic, and all the characters really play their roles well. Song Hye Ko has really brought us a full drama-lenght of determination. She never gave up on regaining her lost possessions.Also, there’s great chemistry between the two main characters! They look just perfect together, with the right amount of married-couple arguments and cute/funny moments. There was rarely any extremely boring moments.

The music really went well with the drama. The sad songs really made the scenes much more sorrowful, and this also goes for happy scenes. This is definitely one of the top dramas on my list.

Besides, aren’t we all still hoping for a sequence?

Essbee’s Opinion

94% There are really some peculiar things in this drama: there are scenes that we see at least 30 times in this drama: Cleaning scenes, Eating scenes, Waiting scenes. First, cleaning is where it starts. Ji Eun hates to clean up, but she has to do it when she wants to get back her house. Then, I don’t understand how they could be always eating! I think we have seen all the Seoul City’s restaurant after this drama. Also, in the first part, Ji Eun is always waiting for Young Jae. After the half of the drama, the guy starts waiting for the girl. Ok, maybe that wasn’t so peculiar, but the contrast is really well done.

This drama is very classic because it’s indeed very lovely. The song, “three little bears” became popular because of this drama. Song Hye Kyo is a pretty and natural girl and she really has a charm. She’s really a very good actress and people just love her! On the other side, the male protagonist is the famous Bi Rain. He is really hot! Seriously! Actually, he’s not THAT attractive, it’s just that his character was so cute that we cannot not like him. And he’s a great singer!

Finally, the OST is nice. I think that most people knows “Fate”, the theme song of Full House. It’s really magnificent. Also, “I think I” is very pretty too.

Peepz! Watch it if you haven’t yet!


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