Easy Fortune Happy Life

福气又安康 / Fu Qi You An Kang


  • Joe Chen (Xie Fu An)
  • Blue Lan (Yan Da Feng)
  • Roy Qiu (Han Dong Jie)
  • Jocelyn Wang (Jiang Zhen Zhen)
  • Xiu Jie Kai (Yan Yang)

Year: 2009

Episodes: 17 (70 min)

Opening: “Happy Herb” 幸福药草 by Sky Wu

Ending : “Just Have Happiness” 就要幸福了 by Ren Ma


It’s a story about a happy-go-lucky girl, Xie Fu An, who grows up with her brother and dog in the mountains and is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. The other is a businessman, Yan Da Feng, who grows up in a rich family expecting to take over the family pharmaceutical empire. The story turns out that Yan Da Feng will try go marry Xie Fu An even though he doesn’t like her. The reason is that she herits Yan Da Feng’s grandfather money because she cured him in the hospital from the eagerness of his family. But will  his love turn for her true?

Libby’s Opinion:

89% I really like it, even though it took me like almost 2 months to finish watching it…

I wanted to watch it because I think Chen Qiao En is a girl who has a very pro acting in all other dramas (Fated To Love You, Prince Turns To Frog, Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 and In Love With A Rich Girl) that I’ve already watched before.

At the beginning, i got a few interest with the story because of the part when everyone were looking for the misnamed Xie Fu An, but later when they found out. The story was really starting and that’s what interested me. While watching this drama, I got progression of feelings: sadness, happiness… Also, there were some moments that we don’t know what is the true side of Yan Da Feng. I really hated Jiang Zhen Zhen during all the drama, she’s like a person that puts money in the first place. However, she changed her personality at the end and I felt pity for her because of her mother. And it’s so funny when Yan Yang tricked her because he knew she was acting, so he was acting with her too. For Yan Da Feng, everytime he says the word Shit, I was laughing even though it was a sad part.

For the OST, there are some songs that are good and others that are so so~… I suggest to watch it, it is a good drama, one of my TOP.

Essbee’s Review

90% After watching the famous « Prince turns to frog » and the even more popular « Fated to Love You », I couldn’t wait to see the next drama of Chen Qiao En.  Seriously, I really loved it.

First, the story is very cool. However, the plot was sometimes similar to Shining Inheritance’s. The old CEO, sick, who was about to give the inheritance to another person. There was something that surprised me. Of course, this is a Taiwanese drama, so as a public, I’m supposed to guess what was about to happen. However, there was something really unpredictable happening. [SPOILER]When Yan Dan Feng went back to his ex-girlfriend, I couldn’t believe it, but when we discover that he was actually doing it for Fu An [SPOILER].

Chen Qiao En. People, please don’t deny it, she’s a magnificent actress. I never saw the dramas she played in before Prince Turns to Frog, but from now, I want to follow all of her dramas. In this drama, she played an innocent young woman. After the time she started living in Da Feng’s house, she became the beautiful young lady. I liked her character, it was different from her other characters.

Blue Lan is sooo handsome! I liked the way he said “Shit”! His character was very common, a rich guy who only wants money. However, we discover that there was actually a reason why he’s like that. He wasn’t so good looking in the pictures, but I just love him! This was my first drama with Blue, and it’ll be an always for me~

Roy Chiu looks so much like Mike He! He’s the nice guy in the story, always there for Fu An. I can’t wait to see him in the next drama (The Girl In Blue) where he’s the lead actor with Chen Qiao En. I’ve already saw him in Woody Sambo, but since this drama didn’t really get to me, I didn’t pay attention to him. Even now, I can’t stop thing how Mike and Roy looks alike!

Jocelyn Wang is the girl we don’t like. Seriously, I hated her as never I hated someone. Okay, maybe not, but I really didn’t like her. At least, the ending proved that she’s still a nice girl. Finally, Chen Zhi Kai is another important character in the story. In every drama where I saw him, he played a different kind of person. [SPOILER]There’s something I don’t get. I don’t think he’s gay, but is he? [SPOILER].

I found the fact that the couple, aunt and uncle, in the family were the same as in Meteor Garden was very funny. Also, I loved the little brother, the little dog, and the people in the town.

So… some of the songs in this drama were really beautiful, but there were others that I really disliked. Yeah.. so in general, this drama is really fun to watch. Thumbs up…


One thought on “Easy Fortune Happy Life

  1. i have seen the whole story the plots is ok but it is little bit bored.the character of yan da feng doesn’t suitable with character of xe fu an

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